Moya Design Partners proudly announces our collaboration with La Clinica del PuebloFor over 35 years, La Clinica del Pueblo has offered accessible and holistic primary medical care through a carefully designed strategy that puts community at the thick of it. Since its inception in 1983, La Clinica del Pueblo has been a haven for the Latino communityEarly on, La Clinica centered its efforts in helping immigrants and refugees from the civil wars in Central America –El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras- who faced linguistic and economic barriers to access health.  
In 2007, La Clinica del Pueblo obtained the status of Federally Qualified Center, culminating a long road from an all-volunteer association to a multi-site organization with more than 100 employees who work to provide the best possible health care to the community. La Clinica has continued to grow and gained recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assistance (NCQA) in 2012 as a Patient Centered Medical Home. 
 La Clinica del Pueblo’s holistic approach to medical care is based on prevention and primary assistancea conviction that individual’s health is connected to their community’s health and education. The latter is exemplified by their work with the LGTBQI+ collective through their two Empodérate Centersand the Mi Refugio a school-based mental health assistance service which aim to break the stigmas about sexuality and mental health that prevent many Latinxs from reaching out for help and live full empowering lives.  
Moya Design Partners shares these grassroots valuesa similar concern for diversity, and the same vision of a more inclusive DC. We proudly support La Clinica del Pueblo through our platform and consider ourselves fortunate to collaborate with such committed peopleMoreover, for Moya Design Partners, working with La Clinica del Pueblo is a personal matter, when Paola Moya’s family first arrived to the U.S., they found in La Clinical del Pueblo invaluable help that allowed them to thrive in good health and a safe environment.  
Now more than ever, La Clinica del Pueblo needs our helpBack in May, in an interview for the NPR, La Clinica del Pueblo’s Executive Director, Catalina Sol discussed the impact the COVID-19 crisis has had on the Latino Community of DC and Maryland. Mrs. Sol highlighted the vulnerability many Latinxs face as part of the essential workforce and the difficulties they face when looking for health assistance due to the fear of being denied permanent residency 
 “We can’t stop being essential when the epidemic ends. We are essential. We are the essential workforce. We are essential to this country. And we deserve to be fully a part of society in terms of the benefits that we extend to everyone and to cease to be excluded.” 
Catalina Sol 
But more importantly, Mrs. Sol insisted, it is the social determinants of health that play a part of the Latino community exposure and vulnerability to the COVID-19. Housing, food, employment, all play a crucial roleMOYA would like to extend an invitation to our partners and clients to collaborate with La Clinica del Pueblo in protecting the health of DC and Maryland. Because we are all in this together.