Paola Moya, CEO of Moya Design Partners, Invited to White House Roundtable to Celebrate the Contributions of Hispanic Women Business Owners in Our Country

Washington District of Columbia, September 29, 2021—Paola Moya, CEO and Founder of Moya Design Partners (MOYA), participated in a White House conversation today with Vice President Kamala Harris. Moderated by Representative Nanette Diaz Barragan (D), the roundtable interview hosted five Hispanic women business entrepreneurs at the White House in the Vice President’s ceremonial room.

“I was very excited to meet Vice President Kamala Harris in person and have the opportunity to share my experiences, challenges, and successes in starting my own firm,” said Paola Moya.

Paola Moya was joined by friend and client Myrna Peralta from CentroNia; Rosa Caldas, president of ZemiTek; Meridien Group’s founder Maria Hicks; and Daniella Senior, founder of Cuban Restaurant Colada Shop.

Vice President Harris outlined her vision of inclusive entrepreneurship, building a better agenda to help Latino communities, and the national emergency of women leaving the workforce. The discussion centered on the successes and challenges of Latina-owned businesses, the impact of COVID on their industries, access to capital, jobs, and project opportunities. Harris also highlighted “the important role that small business leaders have in the Latino community and in the economy in general,” said the White House.

“It was a privilege to be selected as one of five business leaders representing the Latino community, contributing to the local economy, and creating a path forward for future generations,” said Paola Moya. Additional press and media can be found at


About Moya Design Partners


Based in Washington, DC, Moya Design Partners (MOYA) was founded in 2017 by business leader, respected designer, and service-minded CEO Paola Moya. With diversity, philanthropy, and design excellence at the heart of the firm, Moya Design Partners makes a special effort to support and work with organizations that advance social causes and improve the living conditions of many. Our work ethic for project delivery is unmistaken. Each team member believes in giving back, works relentlessly to exceed client expectations, and embraces diversity of thought, background, culture, process, perspectives, and spaces. Moya Design Partners is a multidisciplinary boutique studio delivering innovative designs with 100% client focus.
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