Moya Design Partners is pleased to announce a new partnership with early childhood education advocacy organization ZERO TO THREE. MOYA will provide ZERO TO THREE with comprehensive visual design services including campaign materials, ads, apps, and online resources.


Mission, vision, and values.
For over forty years, ZERO TO THREE has played a critical role in ensuring that babies and toddlers get a strong start in life by supporting:
  • parents with resources that help them connect more positively, deeply and continuously with their babies.
  • professionals with knowledge and tools that help them support healthy development.
  • policymakers in advancing policies that support and strengthen families, caregivers and infant/toddler professionals.
ZERO TO THREE encourages nurturing relationships by turning the science of early childhood into resources for parents, professionals, and policymakers. According to Moya Design Partners Graphic Designer Elisabetta Fanelli, “Making data readable and light is key. They need to communicate it to an extremely diversified audience.” MOYA will use our expertise to make ZERO TO THREE’s world-class data even more accessible.


How can mindfulness support parenting and caregiving?
In June 2018, Moya Design Partners developed a series of documents and a full-color infographic for ZERO TO THREE’s Mindfulness in Early Childhood campaign. A literature review and an executive summary launched ZERO TO THREE’s findings by setting detailed research into a clean, easy-to-read format. We used sans-serif fonts and a minimalist layout to make the data accessible.
Two brochures built on this momentum by delivering key points to practitioners and caregivers. The first, Mindfulness for Early Childhood Professionals, distills the message for teachers, while Mindfulness for Parents gives primary caregivers an introduction to mindful parenting techniques. Throughout these brochures, we used calm, fresh blues, airy warm whites, and immersive, full-page visuals to evoke the benefits of self-awareness, meditation, and mindful breathing. Pull-out quotes highlight important takeaways together with calls to action that link with ZERO TO THREE’s web site. These coordinate with the campaign’s central custom infographic for posting in schools, offices, and community centers.
Altogether, the Mindfulness in Early Childhood campaign delivers a message of mindfulness in an authentic and straightforward format tailored to the needs of ZERO TO THREE’s distinct audience.
Future projects
Going forward, Moya Design Partners is working on graphics for ZERO TO THREE’s new version of the Babies on the Homefront app, including logos, emojis, and badges. For interactive projects like apps, we use gamification to engage the user and keep them coming back for more. This creates a playful, understandable, and usable design. We are also working in parallel on several ads and online resources.
Moya Design Partners looks forward to working with ZERO TO THREE to provide innovative design solutions supporting better outcomes for infants, toddlers, and their families.