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Just six months ago we celebrated our third anniversary with great expectations and optimism for the year 2021, and surely enough, the first half of the year has been successful. As a young firm, we knew from the start that our long-term success depended on setting up firm foundations, establishing thoughtful practices, and diligently trusting the process. Thanks to these values, we have been able to build on that solid base and mature into a reputable firm in the design and architecture landscape. 

Since January 2021, Moya Design Partners has closed over two dozen new deals across all our business lines and met other project milestones. We celebrated the completion of Eastern Market Metro Park, and broke ground on several architecture projects, such as the new Department of General Services (DGS) Headquarters in Ward 7 and the affordable housing development 2442 MLK Jr. Ave. Our visual design team started the year with a big win, by becoming the in-house marketing and communications agency for DC Green Bank. Our outlook is bright, with many other exciting projects ramping up for the fall, including a federal project, a master planning project in the District, and a major interiors community-driven project located in Virginia. The year 2021 is shaping up as the breakthrough year for our diverse, multidisciplinary firm.


Success in designing for the long run 

When MOYA started three years ago, Eastern Market Metro Park (EMMP) was one of the first projects under our leadership. Seeing the evolution of the project – from schematic design to community meetings, and to project completion – reminds us of the hard work that is needed to bring a project into reality. Our team was thrilled to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony this past June for EMMP’s official opening. Features of the park include playgrounds for children ages 2-5 and 5-12, a library plaza featuring a pavilion for events/gatherings, a shaded bosque area, and artwork installations from local artists. Being a part of this celebration validates all our hard work and why we love doing what we do – creating spaces that are inclusive for people of all walks of life to enjoy.   

This spring led to the start of construction for two of our major projects. In April, MOYA and MRP Realty broke ground on 2442 MLK Jr. Avenue, a 112-units 100% affordable multifamily building in DC’s Ward 8. The project’s long-term vision is bringing affordable units to a rapidly shifting neighborhood near the Anacostia Metro Station, contributing to the District’s goals of affordable housing and equitable opportunities. The project is being built on vacant land owned by the Bethlehem Baptist Church.

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A sneak peek into the construction of the multifamily development 2442 MLK Jr. Avenue and the offices of the Eleanor Crook Foundation.

Shortly afterwards, we started the construction of the new DC Department of General Services (DGS) headquarters on Minnesota Avenue. Along with our architecture team, MOYA’s thriving interiors and visual design teams both play essential roles on this landmark development that advances Mayor Muriel Bowser’s promise of bringing the DC government agencies closer to their constituencies in Wards 7 & 8 while also fostering economic activation and jobs creation. 

Other projects that started construction this year include the interiors of the historic Douglass School in Loudoun County, VA, and the office renovations of Eleanor Crook Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is a leader in the global fight to end malnutrition and hunger.  

We want to thank our team for helping us realize the mission of Moya Design Partners and who contribute their daily efforts to the success of our firm and advance our mission of creating all-inclusive designs that will come to fruition in the long run.


Mayor Bowser breaks ground on the DGS Headquarters and Northeast Heights redevelopment.


The people shaping DC 

MOYA and its people continue to shape the urban fabric of the region, creating spaces, brands and stories that have will have a lasting impact for generations to come. Thanks, to our success and determination, we continue to grow, adding more people to our international staff and bringing the best of the world to a firm that celebrates diversity and enthusiastically supports positive social change. MOYA’s international experience has been essential to our architecture and interior designs, content creation, and branding strategies and visual designs.  

With our company’s positive trajectory of closing many project deals, we hired more talent to build up our team to 40+ members. Our desire is to continue providing our clients and partners with optimal customer service while also creating designs that are original but also meets the needs of the end users.  

Our experience and unique blend as a firm, alongside our strong and deep connections to the region put our firm in an enviable position. Thanks to our flexibility and business acumen we recently kickstarted two visual design and branding projects with our friends at HR&A Advisors for the Golden Triangle BID and the Washington DC Economic Partnership. We are in the business of building connections that advance the development of our region.

 The Eastern Market Metro Park ribbon cutting ceremony. 



In February, we created a weekly interview series called MOYATalks as a vehicle to provide our staff with the opportunity to learn from prominent developers, architects, activists, and entrepreneurs. The first month was commemorating Black History Month, and we continued it in March with a series dedicated to Women’s History Month to showcase a varied group of successful women we believe are great role models for our diverse team.  

The reception of these sessions was so favorable that we are now entering our fifth MOYATalks series! These talks cover diverse topics such as sustainability, social and economic development, disability, and inclusion. Over the course of these past few months, we have had the chance to talk to great people and engage in enlightening conversations. 

 MOYATalks reflects our values and an extension of our natural curiosity as a firm. We embrace knowledge and strive to create a nurturing working environment where ideas are shared, and meaningful conversations take place. The interviews are available through our YouTube Channel and soon on your favorite podcast app.

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Our MOYATalks guest speakers.



As part of our mission, we set aside a portion of our time and resources towards pro-bono projects to help organizations who advocate for citizens who are impacted by domestic violence, homelessness, or bullying. Our philosophy is governed by a single, over-arching goal: to design an inclusive District for all.

One of our current projects is helping the District Alliance for Safe Housing (DASH) with the renovations of their offices.  Since 2006, the District Alliance for Safe Housing (DASH) has developed survivor-centered programs that helped thousands of domestic violence survivors build the confidence and find the support to re-appropriate their lives. Both our interior design and visual design teams are involved in this project and are putting forth DASH’s vision of creating a space that is warm, comforting and empowering so that those who visit feel the welcoming atmosphere of DASH’s offices. 

Another cause we are currently involved with is the birdSEED Foundation. birdSEED was founded by our friends at Flock DC, with a goal of offering home-buying grants to Black and Brown DC residents. The foundation strives to create a better, more inclusive District, where housing justice becomes a reality. This is aligned with MOYA’s beliefs, and we are proud to support and be a partner for this initiative.


A sample of the Interior Design work done for DASH.


Project Highlights 

The year 2021 has delivered so far in its promise. With our hard work and commitment, we are becoming a reference in the region as innovators and creators. Thanks to our client-first approach and methods, our partnerships are becoming stronger, and we count many incredible organizations among our clients and ambassadors. Our work is everywhere in the DMVA region; people walk through our projects on their commute to work and back, and as cities open again, we are proud to play a role in shaping the landscape and leaving a mark in the region we call home. 

Achieving success in Architecture and Design takes time, patience, and diligence. MOYA has laid a strong foundation working alongside giants and magnificent people who has nurtured us and taught us valuable lessons. But this is only the beginning. As good as the year 2021 has been so far, we have far more in the horizon and will soon share with you more exciting news.

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