Moya Design Partners is a proud sponsor of Miriam’s Kitchen’s 2020 More Than a Meal Campaign. Founded in 1983, Miriam’s Kitchen (MK) has served Washington D.C. individuals experiencing homelessness. What started as an initiative to serve breakfast has evolved into a multi-dimensional effort to provide a full range of services from legal advice to psychiatric assistance. Since 2012 Miriam’s Kitchen has doubled down on their efforts and expanded programs with the aim of putting an end to homelessness in DC 
Miriam’s Kitchen’s commitment has had a deep positive impact. MK’s approach to ending chronic homelessness starts by building back the foundations of dignity and belonging. In their vision, nutrition and care are empowering tools that help individuals feel safe and part of a community again. But MK’s work does not end there, they advocate for the investment in housing programs, oversee the administration of public services, and have put a special emphasis on the provision of supportive services. 
MK’s approach works. From 2012, when MK decided to expand their efforts, to 2016, DC experienced a 19% decrease in chronic homelessness. The total decrease from 2007 to 2019 was of 22%.
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However, despite these positive trends, DC still has the highest rate of homeless individuals per 10,000 at 93. In 2018, DC had a reported 1,374 chronically homeless individuals and over 6,521 homeless individuals of which 297 were veterans. Additionally, individuals experiencing homelessness are highly vulnerable to COVID-19 and have a higher risk of developing more severe symptoms from the disease. 
During the COVID-19 health emergency MK has stepped up, serving over 300 meals a day, both to the homeless and to people who have fewer resources, providing supplies and shelter, and offering emergency funds to those in need. The numbers are startling. Since March 16, MK has provided over 35 thousand meals, more than 8 thousand units of protection equipment like masks and sanitizers, and conducted over 4000 COVID-19 screenings.  And they haven’t stopped there! MK has secured resources to help 320 households escape from homelessness and build a better future 
Moya Design Partners proudly joins Miriam’s Kitchen’s effort to guide people home. And besides our sponsorship, we want to raise our voices and offer our platform to raise awareness and reach out. Miriam’s Kitchen needs donors, heralds, and volunteers to continue providing food, shelter and a holistic support system to homeless individuals.