Washington, D.C.
Just in time for today’s State of Downtown Forum at the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue, Moya Design Partners released the first of five new animated illustrations for the DowntownDC BID‘s Vision 2027 campaign. MOYA will be releasing one Vision 2027 animation per week until the end of May. You can find them on our website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and LinkedIn.
Downtown 2027: Vision for the Future is a bold ten-year plan created in 2017 by the DowntownDC BID. Each year, the BID identifies opportunities and challenges, goals and actions to be achieved for Downtown by 2027. In February, MOYA provided clean, contemporary graphic design for the 2019 update to Vision 2027 with a full report, seven custom illustrations, plus a landing page and editorial work. Today, the BID released its 2018 State of Downtown Report, also designed by MOYA, at the 2019 State of Downtown Forum.
The State of Downtown Forum is an annual unveiling and panel discussion of the State of Downtown Report — the BID’s definitive analysis of Downtown DC’s economy. The report highlights and analyzes Downtown’s economic trends and how they relate to DC and the region.
This year’s State of Downtown Forum featured a panel of key stakeholders: Moderator Doug Fruehling, Editor-in-Chief of the Washington Business Journal, with panelists Neil Albert, President and CEO of the DowntownDC BID; Scott Anderson, Regional Administrator of the National Capital Region, U.S. General Services Administration; Ann Friedman, Founder and CEO of Planet Word; and Austen Holderness, Chief Development Officer of Carr Properties.
Building on the BID’s themes of sustainability, resiliency, efficiency, and innovation, our designs for the Vision 2027 campaign evoke healthy green city with a diversity of people and placemaking. The five new animated illustrations bring a sense of movement — lights turning on and off, cars and transit, people jumping onto the concert one, and cyclists passing by — all the vibrance of a dynamic Downtown.
We designed this year’s State of Downtown Report to fit with Vision 2027 and the BID’s existing branding. Blue, gold, and green are power colors that show sustainability and resilience. As with all our corporate reports, we used industry-leading visual design trends to streamline the data and create an immersive visual experience for the reader.
You can browse the complete Vision 2027 campaign as well as past State of Downtown reports at the DowntownDC BID’s website, and don’t forget to check back with Moya Design Partners each week for a new DowntownDC animation!