Earlier this year, we unveiled the interiors we completed for the Office of the People’s Counsel (OPC). Our project manager, Adrian Saunders, shared his unique insights into the driving force behind this transformation – a vision of dual purpose between government and community. 


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While the Office of the People’s Counsel (OPC) needed a modern workspace for its staff, it was vital to consider its secondary role: a community hub for DC constituents. Adrian found that the initial challenge was balancing these two needs. Our team looked to combine the sophistication of a government office with the warmth and accessibility of a community-oriented space. After careful consideration, MOYA’s design philosophy hinged on flexibility. Our team focused on leveraging natural light over harsh artificial lighting, often associated with government offices. Additionally, our expansive open plan, complemented by moveable walls, ensured that staff and community members could find a sense of belonging. These walls allow the central area to become a vibrant venue, suitable for community activities like workshops and luncheons. And, as a nod to the digital age, an integrated podcast studio was also incorporated to amplify OPC’s commitment to advocating for local consumers. 

Ultimately, our talented interiors team delivered well-balanced interiors that will serve members of the DC community and OPC staff for many years to come. In April, our work on the OPC project was honored with a 2023 Silver MUSE Design Award for Interior Design.