43 Smart Kitchen Storage Design Ideas For Kitchen

Designing a custom kitchen in your home for your new or renovated home can be a dream come true or a living nightmare. Today’s homeowners are more likely than ever to enjoy time in the kitchen preparing elaborate meals to serve to their family and company alike. Cooking appliances and tools have become more specialized and take up additional storage space. Old fashioned kitchens are often unable to accommodate these tools easily, either because of their shapes or sizes.

Take advantage of the flexibility that goes along with having your kitchen cabinet doors and cabinets built by talented, experienced craftsmen. Here are some functional and attractive ideas for your new kitchen:

1) Kitchenware is often elegant as well as functional. Storage can double as decoration with well made custom kitchen cabinet design. An open wall mounted plate rack can display a set of dishes with matching cups hanging safely underneath the plates. Grouped ceramic tea pots and matching cups or exquisite crystal collections can be attractively laid out for viewing behind cut glass doors.

2) Most homeowners either prepare fresh coffee in the mornings or stop at coffeehouses for a hot drink on the way to work. Large cappuccino machines and coffee bean grinders are taller than many counters will accommodate, making leaving them out permanently problematic. Putting them in an inaccessible location makes it unlikely that they will be taken out and used in the morning, though.

With custom made kitchen cabinets, you can elevate the bottom of the kitchen cabinet to make room for the coffee machines and lower the height of the shelves to make room for a large variety of coffee mugs, espresso cups and cappuccino bowls. Who needs to go to a coffeehouse with a gourmet coffee bar at home?

3) Reaching items near the back of the bottom few shelves in a kitchen cabinet can be difficult, especially as we age. Replacing these shelves with shallow drawers on wheels makes it easy to get to everything. Carefully building the drawers using sturdy hard wood permits them to hold more weight and prevents them from breaking, maximizing usable storage space.

4) Kitchen cabinet doors with narrow shelves are a convenient place to store small bottles of herbs and spices, condiments or tall boxes and bottles. Deeper, ventilated drawers can be used for keeping root vegetables cool or keeping bread from becoming moldy. Storage space for recycling and garbage is also important in a kitchen.

5) Mounting small halogen light fixtures to the bottom of a kitchen cabinet is an easy way to make the room feel more welcoming. Affixing them to the bottom of shelves in a cabinet can draw attention to an attractive collection of cups, dishes or knick knacks. Both can double as attractive evening safety lights.

6) Kitchen islands offer the opportunity for kitchen cabinets that can be accessed from all sides. To best utilize the generous amount of storage space, put the cabinets for holding cooking supplies on the side facing the stove and sink. The cabinets facing the other rooms can be used to hold a dry bar or glasses and serving dishes used for more casual entertaining.

With an experienced master craftsman at your side, customizing your dream kitchen with hand crafted custom kitchen cabinet doors and cabinets will be easy.


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