40 Spectacular Bathroom Picture And Wall Art Decor Ideas

While remodeling parts of your home can be difficult, it can also be a very fun thing to do and a creative outlet for expressing yourself. One good place to start is the bathroom due to the fact that it’s smaller than other rooms of the house and also that guests to your home may or may not see it. Obviously, that depends on whether you’re updating the master or the guest one, but either way there are a lot of things that you can do. One of the most common places to start is with vanities.

The reason most people start by updating their old vanity is because it’s one of the largest pieces in the entire room. It is what will definitely be noticed first if changed. However, don’t neglect your other options. You can also update the flooring, the rugs, the towels, the shower, and the wall color. There are a lot of things you can do, whether you want to go for a more contemporary look or a more vintage one. Keep your budget in mind though because you don’t want to leave the job unfinished, especially if it’s the one that you use every day.

If you do decide to update the sink cabinet, then consider some common remodel ideas. The counter top bowl type sinks are very popular these days, as is granite to replace tile. You can also usually find vessel sinks on clearance, and they are good for adding a modern touch. Consider the different things you can put in the corner of the bathroom as well. One such thing you can do is place a small shelving unit there. This is easy to decorate with framed pictures and other trinkets that may complement the overall them you have going on.

Overall, you’re going to learn that even though the bathroom is much smaller than the master bedroom or the living room, it can still be a challenge to fully update it. If you are going to completely remodel it though, remember to carefully plan out your budget so you can quickly finish what you started.


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