42 Extraordinary Family Photos Ideas Youre Gonna Love This

Digital photography is rapidly becoming the norm. It’s easy, cheap and often of comparable quality to film photos. However, it comes with some disadvantages. The main one being that pictures we take with digital cameras are often simply saved to our computers and never viewed again. No longer are we creating family photo albums like we used to.

A great solution to this is creating a family photo book. Such book combines all the aesthetic appeal of photo albums, but instead uses digital photography, with a fraction of the effort and just as many or more customisation options. With a photo book you create physical copies of the memories and milestones your family has had.

Here are the top five reasons you should consider making one such book today:

1. Create a history for your family – As we have already mentioned, modern digital photographs are often simply stored and forgotten. I can honestly say that I too am guilty of this.

By creating a physical copy you are creating a history for your family. The pictures will be remembered, simply by sitting on your bookshelf, as opposed to in your hard drive. How often do you look at your book shelf? More often than you look into the depths of your computer hard drive I am sure. No longer will your photos be stored and forgotten.

2. Get your whole family involved – A lot of online photo book software allows others to contribute to making your book. Making it can be a task the whole family can work together on, while recalling old memories and events.

Kids will love helping to design and edit your family photo book. While many would have considered making photo albums a chore, photo books are fun and the creation software is easy to use and intuitive.

3. Organise your pictures – Rather than the mess that often occurs in photo storage files on your computer you can easily arrange your pictures into categories with photo books. For example, you may choose to organize your book by date in chronological order, or maybe by family member with each family member having a section, or perhaps you would like to organize your pictures by events, i.e. birthdays, holidays etc. The options are limitless.

4. Affordable – With a photo book you get a relatively cheap album of your pictures. However, they often seem to be of professional quality. People will ask who made the book for you and be surprised when they find out that you made and designed it.

5. Share your album online – With the prevalence of social networking today, often a physical copy is not always ideal. To counter this many photo book websites allow you to share a digital copy of your book online. With this you can place a link on your social networking page or email a link directly to your family and friends, so they can see what your family has been doing. This is a great for family, friends or distant relatives who live in other countries or other states.


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