42 Unusual Mug Storage Solutions Ideas That You Need To See Today

A mug rack says a lot about what a person likes to drink and what they like to drink it in. When walking into a persons home, a mug rack prominently displayed on a kitchen counter top states that drinking from a mug is important. Usually a mug rack brings a sense of casual comfort into a kitchen or dining area so, finding the proper mug rack for your area, should be done with thought and care.

The different types of mug racks vary greatly and can be bought at different price points. However, a rack that properly and carefully displays your mugs must be carefully considered.

Perhaps one of the most popular and common mug racks are the wooden ones that display mugs on wooden dowels like a Christmas Tree. Most of the these racks rotate evenly so that the mugs will not tip over when one is taken off the rack. This type of mug rack is great if you have some counter space, and don’t want to hang anything from the wall. Most often, these types of racks are sold with the mugs so, you can purchase one with or without the mugs already in place.

If your kitchen has plenty of wall space, consider a rack that displays the mugs linearly along the wall. These type of coffee mug racks can come in various materials but wood and chrome are the two most popular. If your home is a cabin retreat or has a colonial feel, perhaps a wooden rack with intricate details will blend in with the décor. If the your home kitchen has a contemporary flare, the chrome rack with shiny “S” hooks will look great. Again, you have to consider how often you use the mugs when deciding where to place the rack.

An interesting mug rack that has tremendous space saving qualities is the rotating rack that mounts underneath a cabinet. Most of these kind of racks hold smaller mugs but nevertheless, saves tons of space. If you have enough space clearance underneath your cabinets where human hand traffic is somewhat limited, this may be the perfect solution. Small apartments with limited space make this rack a perfect buy. If you have a bit larger amount of counter space, a revolving rack that is placed on top of the counter top may solve your storage/display problems.

One of the newer types of racks on the scene are the metal racks that stack the mugs vertically. Again, if you do not have any mugs to display, these racks generally are bought with the mugs already intact since a vertical holding structure has to be somewhat specialized for it to be stable. These racks are generally made of chrome but are also available in iron. The cups (mugs) that come available with these racks are steel, porcelain, earthenware and terracotta. The price points for this type of product are anywhere from $9.00 up to $40 so, it still is an affordable option.


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