40 Comfy Colorful Living Room And Remodel Decor Ideas For Summer

People take a few things into consideration when choosing their living room furniture and their room arrangement. These are cost, material, and color. Here are some things to think about the next time you would buy living room furniture or choose to live in a hot place in the future:

A major determining factor is the cost if it coordinates with the quality. Some lower-class to middle-class families would have a monthly income that is just not enough if they need to purchase an expensive sofa set or television. They choose their furniture stores carefully – some might go for more expensive specialty stores, or some might go for the ones in regular shopping malls. One tip I can give for penny-pinchers is if possible, to look for freelancers and check out different rates. There are a lot of skilled craftsmen in the neighborhood and the quality of their work is something that can be exported to other countries. The only caveat is that you will need a way of transporting the living room furniture sets that you will be acquiring from them.

In comparison with upper-class interior design (which promotes lavishness as the living room is the entertainment capital of the house), us less fortunate also are sort of drab when it comes to interior design. Most just consists of a few chairs with a television set, possibly a gaming console or bookcase and a coffee table with a vase on top. Rarely would you see paintings and sculptures in the living room.

The next is the material used to make this furniture. For hot places, and with the recent global trend of hotter summers, it’s becoming more and more important to choose the perfect type of material in sofas and rugs. Leather is a big no-no because it heats up easily and is a conductor of heat. The same can be said of shag carpets as well. What I see whenever I check some homes is that they prefer upholstery – it bridges the economic constraint of cost, and is easy to replace as well. It pays to also have a strong sense of recycling living room furniture if possible which has lead to a number of niche jobs for furniture fixers and the like.

Lastly, there is the concept of color, especially in the tropical setting. As you may or may not know, lighter colors generally absorb less heat than darker colors. You will see people who live in hot climate skew toward lighter colors such as white, light blue, and beige for their sofa sets and walls as opposed to the darker ones. This is extremely practical; after all it comes at basically no added cost to the consumer. However thrifty you may be when designing your living room, don’t forget that it doesn’t really matter if you aren’t hospitable or are a grouch! Serve your guests comfortably, and they will surely want to come back and have a good time in your house again!


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