41 Cool Wooden Greenhouse Ideas For Home Backyard

We grow orchids in Florida as a hobby. And if you have a green thumb with these beautiful plants you have discovered that they will propagate themselves very quickly and repeatedly when happy with proper care. Because of their growth rate and weather conditions we are providing our orchids with a backyard greenhouse.

You may have started as we did with one plant and now have many. You may have chosen to specialize or to be a generalist. We have done both and the lesson learned was to stay with those orchids which acclimate very well in your climate or be prepared to build a greenhouse to accommodate various species.

And there you have it. Consistent climate does matter. Before setting up a greenhouse we did our best to keep the orchids safe from inclement weather. Florida, like any other state, is not perfect. We had and continue to protect these orchids from cold weather, much rain, and hot summers.

Plant lovers understand that talking to their plants is essential for their health. Well, I will also add for orchid lovers that these plants do not like to be moved. Once they have their favorite spot they truly set their roots and plant themselves as squatters. Too much moving from one location to another will kill them.

Plan ventilation, heating, air conditioning, watering and feeding, shelving, and hanging frames. The different species of orchids will require their necessary care. Plan your backyard greenhouse for orchids to accommodate their needs. Allow for additions to your greenhouse. We have discovered that some of the orchids we have will take over and space is at a minimum.

As beautiful as these flowers are, and you want to keep every one of them, selling or giving them away will be a necessary option.

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