47 Inspiring White Tile Bathroom Design Ideas

Finding your feet in interior design can be difficult. One thing is always the new something or other. But, by the time you get your bearings trends have moved on. You seem to be forever trailing the the wake of ongoing fashion – which is why, when it comes to designing the bathroom or kitchen area, white tiles are making a resurgence.

In recent years creativity in the home has literally run amok. Once people are sure they’ve found the place they want to be living in for a while – as opposed to somewhere they simply want to sell on – the sky is the limit. Designers have encouraged this by fanning the flames of avant guarde design. There have been some quite remarkable creations. Red, Greens, yellows and of course jet black. Some have been good, others have not. In all cases the intention has been to make a statement.

Just what that statement is, few people know. You could be forgiven for thinking that you’ll never quite get to grips with the ever fluctuating market trends. So – why not stick with something you know will never look silly? That’s why white tiles will always be the common sense solution.

However that doesn’t mean being boring with your design. Far from it in fact. Instead, what you’re looking to do is add subtlety and elegance. You don’t want to be the person who has to shout to be heard above the crowd. You want to be the person who has the class to let others do the shouting for them.

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