41 Enchanting Master Bedroom Storage Ideas

The first decision to make is the size of the bed. A small/medium sized room will look less cluttered with a queen-size bed. A king-size bed is apt for a large bedroom. Choose the design of the bed that you are comfortable with. Decide on a theme like traditional, formal or modern and shop accordingly. Wooden beds favor traditional or formal look. Stylish beds of wrought iron, brass or chrome make for a modern look. There are options like a four-poster bed, a platform bed (with or without headboards), a spindle bed (with ornate railings in the headboard and footboard) or a divan bed. If these sound mundane, indulge in a lascivious water bed.


Nightstands are smart and functional. Look out for nightstands that reinforce the style of the bed. It should be able to hold basics like a table lamp, clock and a few books. A nightstand with drawers can store some essentials that you might need for the night.


A dresser usually comes with a storage option of four to six drawers. A chest of drawers can double up as a dresser with a mirror on it. Alternately, you can have a dressing table with a full-length mirror. If space is a constraint, you can mount an elegantly framed mirror, with built-in drawers, on the wall. The shutter of a cupboard can also be mounted with a mirror with shelves inside for storage.

Storage Units

One way to create an uncluttered look is to have plenty of storage options. If your master bedroom is large, place a wooden chest or a storage bench with upholstered seats at the end of the bed. They are functional and charming. Armoires look elegant and can be used to store clothes. Some have pull-out trays that can hold a computer or a television.

Built-in cupboards with lofts provide plenty of storage. The look of the cupboards can transform the room. Full length mirrors mounted in cupboard doors give an illusion of space. Or, the design on the headboard can be replicated in the shutters to unify the theme. Wooden shutters should match the color of the bed for uniformity. Cupboards with frosted glass shutters give a colorful look to the room.


Carpets, curtains (or blinds), bed linen and cushions must complement each other and brighten the room. Accessories like vases, family pictures, ornaments, wall hangings and paintings must reflect your personality. Just remember – less is more…

Color and Lighting

Usually, light colors are used in the bedroom. For interest, you could have a textured finish or a contrasting color on one of the walls. Natural light works wonders in here. Have a picture window or French doors for an impressive effect. Mood lighting, sconces on either side of the mirror, up lighters with dimmers, and table lamps are some lighting options for the master bedroom.

And More

A comfortable seating area is essential. If the bedroom is small, a corner is enough for a reading nook. A rocking chair or a pair of armchairs will be perfect. A large bedroom or an alcove can have a grander arrangement. Make sure to have a phone line and suitable power sockets for a phone, television, music system and to plug in your laptop. Wall mounting is a good option for the television, home theatre or the music system. Remember to conceal the wiring. An alcove or a small portion of a large bedroom can be converted into a walk-in closet. A writing table, and armchair and a bookcase arranged in one corner of the room can become a study or a place to work. The master bedroom is your sanctuary; make it a peaceful one.


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