41 Magnificient Open Shelves Kitchen Ideas

A Kitchen seems to be the most comfortable and the sweetest place in our homes. It is a real pleasure to get together with the whole family on a Sunday evening and look forward to a specialty prepared by the lady of the house. Even nowadays the tradition of a cordial kitchen party is still alive, when people get together in one place to talk business, meet new people, and have chit-chats.

Maybe you prefer meeting your friends for lunch or dinner at cafes and restaurants. Today, however, it is almost impossible to imagine a contemporary house without a kitchen zone. It’s another matter that with a constantly expanding variety of interior renovation options, individual preferences and wishes are always of top priority when a selection decision should be taken. Correspondingly, our wishes and preferences are affected by many diverse factors: number of household members, lifestyle of owners, layout of an apartment, preferences of color and taste, and many others.

You should be very selective when it comes to choosing a new kitchen design. Open plan kitchen is one of the most popular trends in the kitchen remodeling options. Kitchen integration with a living room may be regarded as a virtual step back to the origins of the kitchen tradition, when the hearth was located in a general room. With a such-like interior solution, nowadays a wall between a kitchen and a living room, or between a kitchen and a dining-room, is fully or partly demolished; and different options are now available to further separation of one functional zone from the other: placing partitions, or bar counters, or applying various color solutions for the walls and the floor. Undoubtedly, this type of interior has both advantages and disadvantages.

Open plan kitchen are often made in one bed room and two bed room apartments, which allows to enlarge a living area and to expand the space. There is a number of options here, such as wall demolition that separates a kitchen and a living room, or partition wall installation. It is appropriate to use partition wall made of plasterboard and glass bricks; and also, it is recommended to use glass bricks to “ease” space available, in other words, to reach airiness effect. In addition, for a space-saving purpose, it is possible to have built-in shelves installed into the partition wall. It may be, for example, a U-shape decorative design. Such-like object is practical and multifunctional. It can serve as a screen, separating a kitchen and a living room, it can hide a cooker hood pipe, or support plasma panel of a TV-set.

You can think of another popular option: using space between a guest zone and a kitchen, where, instead of a typical dinner-table, you can install a breakfast bar worktop. As for walls and the ceiling in the kitchen, they should be covered with waterproof paint, so that they will keep a tidy look.

Planning new kitchen installation works it is important to keep in mind that when cooking the smells spreading throughout the entire apartment, can be a major drawback to have an open plan kitchen. To fight the smells is quite easy using a high-quality and reasonably expensive cooker hood.

It is known that combustion residue are produced while cooking. It is not healthy to inhale them. Besides, fat and smoke is not good for kitchen furniture, ceiling and walls either. So, you should buy a kitchen exhaust hood or as the specialists call it a canopy hood.

Caring about an overall aesthetic outlook of a kitchen area, modern kitchen designers offer several options of interior solutions. When too bulky cooker hoods either get hidden into cupboards and shelves, or get disguised via specially elaborated design frameworks.


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