40 Cute Black And White Wood Design Ideas For Kitchen

Experts say that the kitchen is the family’s most lived in room in today’s age. We now have islands for eating and doing various tasks right in the kitchen alongside the cook who’s preparing dinner or cleaning up. With today’s hustle and bustle of life, the kitchen is a handy place to leave notes and lists that people will be sure to see. But what if you don’t want a bunch of paper notes scattered in your kitchen, or a white erase board just doesn’t quite go with your decor?

Make your own! This way is can be whatever size you want, any color, any theme and you can make it yours by adding personal touches. Most stores have a craft section with blank wood signs of different shapes and sizes. If you want a bigger board in a square shape, you can always head down to a local hardware store and find a size board of your choosing. There are many differing ways you could design your message board, all ending up with varying looks, here are a few starting with the simplest.

Buy a picture frame in a style you like, it can be oval, have a fancy edge, or be a plain wide wooden frame- or you may have an old one you aren’t using anymore and can paint any color you wish. Just make sure it has a back to it- this is what you will use as a message board. Remove the back and paint the front with a chalkboard paint. Valspar makes such a paint found at Lowes. For those of you that don’t want black chalkboard there is the option of Idea Paint which dries to more of a erase board finish. (See link below) If you really want to add some special features you can first paint it with a magnetic latex primer which Lowes also carries in the brand Rust-oleum. Just follow the painting instructions. This way if you wanted to attach buttons or flowers to a magnet you could put them on your memo board to hold notes. (There are some cute flowers in all colors in the scrapbooking supplies.) You could even attach a mini chalk or dry marker to a magnet and keep it right on your picture frame! Glue magnets on the back of your message board and put on your fridge, or hang it like you would a picture- it’s up to you!

You can also use all the basic principles in the paragraph above but dress it up a little. Buy a big picture frame– one with the multiple picture options. Remove the back, prime it with the magnetic paint, and paint it whichever color you wish. Then, after it dries, cover the painted back with the insert for the different pictures and paint where the pictures would go with either your chalkboard paint at Lowes or dry erase paint by Idea Paint. Remove the picture insert and you’ll have mini places to write notes! Now you can use some scrapbooking supplies to make some great magnets– make labels for each member of the family, attach various things to magnets to make it unique and totally you! You now have a cute message board that you can display with style.

Use this idea and really run with it to make whatever style you want– use an old cabinet door and paint it all over with the primer, paint the edges the color you wish and the inside with the message paint. If you have an old cabin look in your home, use a sawed off end of a large log and paint the center with the paints. If you sew, find a sturdy piece of hard board (not quite wood, not quite card board) and paint it, then sew a larger block of fabric to attach it to, giving it a nice fabric boarder.


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