46 Lovely Victorian Bohemian Decor Ideas For Home

In the last few months of his life, he lived the very existence that he had feared virtually all his life. Broke, down trodden and almost destitute, the end of a the greatest living Victorian playwright, poet and thinker ever to tread the evil Earth should have been one of dignity and of superior grace. Instead, he lay, suffering what he would have been disappointed with – an ear infection (that later proved to be meningitis) and no real amount of mourners at his bedside. He had taught the world of the stiff Victorian values and what they had truly meant to someone who had felt a deep disconnection with the outside world.

He had turned the establishment up side down; he had freely spoke in aesthetic terms that had once only been left to baggy shirted poets dying of syphilis. He captured the essence of Victorian life through both men and women and made a mockery of everything that they had stood for. Not unlike Miller for that instance, he also delved deep into the soul of a human life and bared it wide open to all as being evil and sinister in it’s daily actions.

Yet, he appeared, as we read about him now, flamboyant, gay (in it’s truest sense) and colourful. He had left behind him a legacy of satire, wit and dry humour that was decades before his time. Since his death on November 30 1900, there have been imitators, satirists, philosophers who have dived in to his works like dipping into great pools of analysis. Describing, dissecting and remarking on each line he ever wrote, we learn about not just his observations of the tight lipped world around him but how troubled he was within is own soul.

Many thinkers and Wilde followers have argued since that he was simply an intelligence before his time – once being mocked for his love of beauty and all things created in a God like fashion, he would, it would seem, be more at home in this era, striding most graciously down the Kings Road, stopping every so often to glance inside some colourful boutique. Yet, with this surreal vision, we realise how, as character of sadness he truly was, yet his beginnings were of such hopes for a young man’s future…


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