41 Perfect Handmade Organization Ideas For Bathroom

A very successful bathroom remodel can result in just the tweaking of a small powder room. This often overlooked area is probably the smallest room in your house – maybe two feet by seven feet – and you might not give it much thought. One of my most successful bathroom remodels, however, was a tiny hall bathroom. The paint was just plain white, there was no mirror, the vinyl floor was peeling, and the toilet had its own personality – and not a good one at that!

To begin this bathroom remodeling, I painted the walls a creamy yellow which gave it an instant polish. Next, I chose natural slate tiles for durability and classy look. A small vertical mirror fit perfectly over the new pedestal sink. Finally, the new water-saving toilet was installed. To top everything off, natural soy candles, fluffy white towels, and nickel hardware completed the look. This low-profile powder room remodel was completed with a tiny budget, but made such a huge difference!

Bathroom remodeling for the master suite is a bit more daunting. My best remodel of a master bath occurred in my own house when it was new and still had builder-grade materials. The biggest chore was to add a new garden tub with jets in the corner and install a new glass block window near the tub. New flooring made from natural slate (my favorite flooring material) gave a nice foundation to the entire bathroom. High-quality accessories such as hand woven rugs and linens, soy candles, handmade cosmetic jars, and nickel hardware made the new bathroom very welcoming. The key to success for this project was keeping everything organized. Good organization and planning also leads to completing projects within budget!

Whether your bathroom remodeling project is large or small, a bit of up-front planning and price research will pay off in the end. A lot of time is spent in the bathroom, and during home resell time, you will be glad that your bathroom sparkles.


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