44 Smart Drying Rack Hangers Ideas For Laundry Room

You probably have never given much thought to what a huge impact the right laundry room accessories can have on you and the environment. In today’s world, there are so many ideas for living green but for whatever reason, most people forget to also find solutions for their laundry room. After all, if you are like many others, it probably seems as though you never escape this room sometimes, especially with a large family. With the right accessories, you can save energy, time and money.


The first step is to evaluate what space is being used and what walls have potential for a rack or shelves. When you really make use of the space that you have, you can become more organized which will immediately save you time and a lot of frustration.


Does your laundry room have the proper amount of ventilation that it should? Make sure that you pay attention to doorways, fans, windows and ceiling or floor vents and keep them clean so you aren’t breathing in unnecessary dust. All appliances should be positioned to ensure ideal ventilation. On a side note, when possible, you should be using water-and-energy saving appliances.


Never underestimate the impact that the right laundry room clothes hanger can have on your day and the environment. Using the right hangers and having racks to hand them on decreases wrinkles which reduces or eliminates ironing time, thus affecting energy used.

If you have a lot of lightweight items that really don’t wrinkle, hang them on an octopus hanger. This save you energy and money rather than running your dryer and these types of hangers are really compact so they don’t use too much space either.

Utilize the Outdoors

If you have a yard, get online and order yourself a retractable clothesline and clothespins and make use of those beautiful days. Why run your dryer and elevate the temperature in your home, causing you to run the air conditioning more if you don’t need to? Not to mention, clothes dried on the line in the breeze smell fresh and are almost always completely wrinkle-free.

Maximize Your Space

If you haven’t already invested in Rubbermaid containers, racks, shelves or organizers, make a trip to the store and pick some up. These laundry room accessories can be purchased relatively cheap and they are a must have in your room. These are also ideal to use in your bathroom or kitchen as well.


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