43 Splendid Bathroom Ideas With Detail Designs

If you have decided to decorate your bathroom, then try an artistic approach. Imagine everything that will surround you in a bathroom, everything that will create a sense of comfort for you. Your day starts in the bathroom, and there it ends. That is why its appearance will set the mood for the day, and will make sure it ends well too. If in your house you have gathered a pretty good collection of marine souvenirs, all what is left to do is to place them in your bathroom. An excellent solution in this case is a niche in the wall, which can be used to show off your marine collection, and a variety of aromatic candles and containers with sea salt. If you for some reason are not able to build a niche, you can place your collection behind a transparent plane, along the contour of the bathtub.

You can use a special decor that is stuck onto the tiles. Also, you can experiment with tiles of different sizes and colours and use mosaics. Using different tiles, you can visually divide your bathroom space into functional zones. However, you must not forget the sense of composition on the colour scheme. If the interior becomes overloaded with details, if the design is tasteless, if the elements do not blend together, all of this will create an unsatisfactory impression, and all your work will become in vain.

Let’s focus on a few problems that we face in the process of designing and decorating a bathroom, and let’s see how we can turn that problem around into an advantage.

Problem 1: Lack of space.
How to fix this: The door of your bathroom is an excellent place to keep your personal hygiene items and other things of that manner. Fix onto it a variety of hooks or shelves.

Problem 2: You have a free but hard to reach space.
How to fix: Try to fix onto it a small cabinet on wheels. An open plan cabinet will effectively liven and fill up the place. The material and design of the chosen bit of furniture must be correspondent in regards to the whole style of the bathroom.

Problem 3: Joined bath and WC.
How to fix this: A very good move in this case would be to fix on a separating screen. This is an attractive and multifunctional part of the interior. Inside of the separating screen you can put down a cabinet for items such as towels.

Problem 4: A never ending mess.
How to fix this: use shelves to keep small items such as cosmetics and aftershaves away from eyes.

Problem 5: Your bathroom is too small and unattractive.
How to fix this: You must increase the number of sources of light in your bathroom – the colour choice also plays a part. A yellow colour makes the contours of the space smoother and makes the room cosier. Always remember, that there is absolutely no limit to your imagination. You can create a masterpiece out of your bathroom that is totally unique.


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