40 Modern Disney Bedroom Designs Ideas For Children

It can be daunting but yet exciting to decorate a kid’s bedroom. Nearly anything can be accepted when you decorate a kid’s bedroom without worries of technical or matching designs. The main objective is to create a fun room and just enjoy it. Below are a few decorative design ideas that will help give you ideas on how to bet design your kid’s room.

Pirates Theme Room

Boys who love the ocean would enjoy the ship theme room. You don’t have to shell out much money since you just need to paint the room ocean blue and sky blue for the ceiling. Add waves and pictures of fish to the walls plus a big navy ship. As accents to the room you can place ship mast, model of various ocean vessels or even rods for fishing.

The Royalty Room

Little girls often request to have the princess room as soon as they get over the cartoon stuff from Disney. Try to put some paintings of a palace, fairies, and enchanted unicorns to add an effect. Add furnishings like a four poster bed, tea table, and a mini dresser.

Athletic Themed Room

If you kid loves basketball, make the room look like a mini basket ball court, won’t you? Sports themed room are easy to decorate since you just have to focus on what kind of ball is used and draw this on the walls. Choose beddings that match the theme. There are local stores that sell sports décor.

The Green Thumb Theme

To get your child into eating organic foods at times, try to create a garden theme for his or her room. Choose green wall papers and add flower pots for his or her windows. Paint a fence to add the garden feel.

Imagine the Animal World

Little kids like animals. The animal or zoo theme is something that helps your little kid learn more about the animal kingdom. You can paint the walls with animal prints or print some pictures online. This is also a good bonding activity for you and your kids. You can do a hands-on project with your child and spend some quality time with him or her.


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