45 Cozy Masculine Design Ideas For Living Room

Blue is one of the most popular favorite colors in the world. However, it often translates as masculine or like a baby boy’s nursery when used in home decor. Blue can appeal to both genders and you can even use it in a kitchen. Blue color schemes for a living room or any other space in the house can have mass appeal and you can even make the color look sophisticated.

Since blue is such a soothing color some may only use it in relaxing places like a bedroom or master bathroom. Blue can also be vibrant enough for an office of kitchen if you make it bold. Turquoise paint can really make a statement in the room; just make sure that it doesn’t become overwhelming. Paint the ceiling and any shutters in the space a bright white. Give it that Caribbean feel with rich dark wood furniture and floors. Then you just have to add an island touch with oversized faux palm trees and wicker furniture. For a brighter color you’ll need to use a lot of neutrals and bring in as much lighting as possible for balance.

When going with a deep color like teal walls or using navy paint you’ll need to consider balance. You’ll also need to prime properly before hand and plan on using several coats of paint to get a rich finish. Almost everything else in the room should be a neutral color so that the walls are the focal point without being overwhelming. This includes the window treatments, floors and furniture. Then you can bring in a few blue accent pieces like a throw pillow or some glass vases.

A slate living room can have a modern effect but you don’t want it to become dated too quickly. You may only replace your furniture once a decade so consider more neutral fabric choices like white, black or brown. Then you can paint the walls blue to pull out colors from the fireplace stone. You can also break up your living room set if you are short on space and substitute with a daring slate blue armchair that you can inexpensively replace later on.

Blue bedroom furniture is an unusual way to bring new life to old pieces. This look can be sophisticated or country. Paint a dresser with a distressed slate blue finish. The tone should have a lot of gray in it so the paint isn’t too bright. This is also a way to bring color into an apartment if you can’t paint the walls. Then you can just sand down the finish so it looks like an antique and change out more contemporary knobs for vintage glass pieces.

Blue color schemes can create a soothing or daring space in your home depending on how you want to feel in your space. You can use blue in traditional, contemporary or modern design. You might want to stick with blue on things like walls and wood furniture pieces because it’s easy to change out. The next people that own your home may be disappointed with blue bathroom tile. That doesn’t mean that you can’t bring in blue in a very livable way that you can easily change out when you want to move onto something else.


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