47 Unusual Grey Interior Paint Schemes Ideas

Interior design ideas are fun today. Your color scheme can be created by looking at your fashions. Take a look in your closet and see what colors you love! If they look great on you when you wear them, they will look great around you when you sit on them, or stand against that wall or even lay on that pillow or sofa. It would be great to break this down into 3 sections. Section #1 is neutrals, section #2 is favorite colors, and section #3 is love that color but i would not want a whole outfit of it (accent).

Your fashion color scheme first segment is neutrals. Note what you wear the most, stark whites or creams. If you wear stark whites, you more than likely have cool undertones to your skin. If you wear creams, you more than likely have warm undertones to your skin. Black is a basic for all and can add drama to any color scheme if you like elegant interiors. Greys, beige and taupe are other neutrals that come in both warm and cool tones. These are some of the interior design standard neutral colors. Many neutrals can go with both warm and cool colors. Choose your light colors as a base and decide if you want a dramatic elegant interior by adding blacks or greys.

The second segment for your color scheme is the colors you LOVE! These will become the 3 main colors in your color scheme. These colors are best if they compliment your skin tone as well, in other words “You Look Fabulous Darling” in these colors if you wear them, and most importantly you know it! These are your confident colors, feel great colors. If you truly LOVE these colors then you should feel wonderful living with them around you too. These colors can be used as interior paint colors on walls or as little as on blanket throws and accent pillows. You can decide how much color you do or do not want in your surroundings.

Lastly, the 3rd segment is the accent colors. Sometimes greens fall in this category because it brings the natural element to the design, for instance, in plants. Do not forget that everything has color tones, including plants, so you even want to be aware of the plant colors. Often times your accent colors are just too bright to use in a whole room, so a little goes a long way to make the room pop with pizazz. If you have a print, it could include your neutrals, your three main colors and a couple of your accent colors.

You may want to go to a paint store and get color chips that are these favorite colors. If you choose a print take a cutting of it and throw it in with your color chips. You can put these chips in a wallet or purse pocket to have on hand when looking for fabrics or furniture. You will be glad you have them with you because it is extremely hard to remember exact colors, even for professionals.


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