45 Fabulous Ombre Wall Paint Designs Ideas

Home is the place which gives you feeling of warmth and comfort after a long tiring day. The wall paint colors can make your home look elegant or funky as per your desire. It has been proved that colors of the walls affect us psychologically. Some colors gives warmth will others provide cooling effect. Since the wall color room can be changed easily so it is considered as the best way of experimenting with different interior ideas.

There are various types of wall paint design available in the market which you can incorporate in your home to give it a complete makeover. Wall stenciling is one of an interesting wall painting technique which uses cutout or templates to create a design. Later on these stencils are removed and the pattern remains there. You can create any type of pattern through this technique like stars, animals, flowers and many others. This process if very simple and will make your walls look entirely different.

Another type of wall painting design is faux painting which actually means false painting. In this type of design you can create an illusion of materials like marble, granite, wood and others using the paint. Rubber stamping is another cool design which is fast, easy and above all looks impressive. Besides these you can also go for accent walls, stripes, trim, graphics and many others. No matter whatever design you may choose but always go for the right type of color which suites the pattern and also goes well with the overall looks of the room. Avoid very bright colors until and unless you want to make the walls as the focal point of your rooms. It is always better to go for the neutral shades of your choice.


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