49 Adorable Rock Garden Ideas For Backyard

Rock gardens are characterized by ultimate beauty and sense of pleasure and sophistication. They are the most amazing thing to observe. We have plenty of things which we overlook in nature made out of stones and rocks. It would be creative enough to have a combination of both of them in your own backyard garden. You need to consider a mindset for the design and the elements through which you could carry out your rock garden. It needs to be taken care that you read plenty of books or visit particular websites in order to understand the whole phenomenon for rock gardening.

You need to make sure whatever plan you come up with is valid and sure. Once you start working on it, evenness and distribution wouldn’t matter either. It is going to give your garden a fake look. Go for some textures and shapes instead of keeping it plain, and remember, redesigning a rock garden is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort and time consumption to put the structures of the stone together. It is also followed that the gardeners who keep a rock garden, hardly make any changes to it that is because the design should be kept the same for as many years as possible.

You can design your rock garden by following simple steps. First, determine the location and the site where you want it to be placed. Try a natural slope and direction where it should be exposed to the maximum light intensity. Secondly, decide what plants and shrubs you want to include in it. Think convenient. Plant those flowers and herbs which you know are available all time of the year and which would bloom and flourish giving your garden a refreshing look.

Go for the rock theme you want to put in your garden next. Decide separate places for various kinds of planting. If you love plants which need loads of sunlight, for instance, you would need to choose the spot where the sun shines the most or if you like shady grasses or flowers you would have to leave the lightless spots for them. It would be a good choice if you leave spot for both kinds of plants and flowers because it will be a great deal of work if you realize you want to experiment with shade loving plants after all the years you have been having the ones which require more sunlight.

You should also keep in mind about what paths and ways you want in your rock garden. They should be made at the very first spot instead of keeping them the last thing to be done after you have decided all the elements of the garden. You can also select small river rocks and pebbles to add up to the garden bed.

You can make your rock garden as much happening as you want. Add water components, woodwork, or any elegant furniture if you like. This would provide you with a handsome space for a better look for your house.


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