47 Amazing Swimming Pool Design Ideas For Your Yard

Most people would enjoy having their own swimming pool on their property, but many of them think it is just too much of a hassle or expense to get one.  The following step by step guide is designed to help you before you actually buy anything.

1.  Assess your property.

If you are thinking about getting a swimming pool, one of the most important things you can do is figure out how large of a pool you can actually fit on to your property.  Sure, a 24 foot pool would be great, but if you only have a yard that is 35 feet across, you might be pushing things a bit.  You will need some room to move around as you install the pool and having some extra space will make owning the pool more enjoyable later.

2.  Decide what kind of pool you want.

There are variations, but basically you will be making your first, most basic choice between an above ground swimming pool and an in-ground model.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both.  You should know going in however, that in-ground pools are usually considerably more expensive and difficult to install.

3.  Check local ordinances

Some areas are much stricter than others regarding the type of swimming pool you can put on your property.  Some planned communities will not allow above ground swimming pools to be installed at all.  You should also check at this point to see if there are any ordinances in your area that require you to obtain permits for putting in a pool.

4.  Know how much it will cost.

Figure out how much money you are willing and able to spend on the project.  You can get the prices for pools from dealers in your area.  If you are going with an in-ground installation, get several estimates.  There may also be unexpected costs such as excavation of your property or running electricity to the area that you will cost you additional money.  Be sure to add these to your total.

5.  Decide if you are willing to consider a used model.

If you have decided to go with an above ground pool, you will have the option of searching the classified ads for used pools that are being sold cheap.  As long as you make sure the condition is acceptable, this can be a way to save some serious money on the project.

This short list should give you an idea of what type of pool will fit your needs and your budget.  Once your pool is installed, you will have other choices to consider, but as a starting point, this guide should help you to know what you are talking about when you start pricing pools.


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