44 Fascinating Kitchen Glass Surfaces Design Ideas

Are you looking for a truly stunning finish to your top spec interior design project? Then look no further than bespoke glass surfaces. These decorative glass designs would look great as a stunning focal panel or splash back in a kitchen or bathroom, or used to devastating effect in public areas of bars, restaurants and hotels.

These decorative glass surfaces come in a wide variety of amazing colours and effects, from palest cream to inky black, in five different finishes:

Crackle Glaze

The crackle finish resembles a crackle-glaze paint effect, and each custom-made piece will have a unique pattern. Available in bold shades of black, orange, red, blue, green, fuchsia and ruby, striated with contrasting gold or silver crackles.

Glitter Glaze

The glitter finish gives you a wonderfully sparkling surface that will add a touch of opulence to any room, particularly in the kitchen if used as a splash back. The darker shades are wonderful and bold; in red, green, blue and black. I love the more subtle tones of silver, bronze and gold.

Chic Glaze

The chic finish resembles the veins and spotting found in natural stone and marble, and each piece will have a unique pattern. This, I feel, is the most elegant, classy and opulent in the decorative glass range. Available in green, red and white/gold; the colours are so deep and rich and the pattern created so individual, that you can almost get lost in their intricate depths. My favorite design is the Chic Glaze White Gold which has a rich, warm, marble effect which would look great used in a high spec bathroom.

Metallic Glaze

The Metallic finish has a much closer-grained texture with highly reflective compounds giving it that contemporary and stylish look that would do well in any kitchen or bathroom. Available in a bold range of blue, red and black colours.

Pearlescent Glaze

Class and elegance combine to create this stunning mother of pearl finish. This has to be the most subtle of decorative glass effects, but it imparts a wonderful warmth to the room. Available only in white, but you’ll find that the pearlescent sheen will create a depth of colour that is sympathetic to its surrounding decor.

Because these decorative glass surfaces are made to order, they allow you not only to create a stunning and individual bathroom or kitchen in your home, but also perfect for use in any business premises. You can achieve a truly unique and eye-catching finish anywhere with these special surfaces.


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