40 Elegant Diy Bathroom Diy Tricks Ideas

Many people don’t think it’s possible to expand their tiny bathrooms unless they spend a fortune knocking down walls and renovating the entire house. You don’t need thousands of dollars or even a design professional to create the illusion of a larger bathroom in a cramped space. How is it done? You take a few small remodeling ideas and combine them with a couple of easy projects and soon you’ll have the bathroom of your dreams.

When redesigning small spaces, most experts use tricks to create light and visual space, which, when combined, can really compliment each other and create the illusion of a much larger space. When creating light, it’s important to remember that there are two forms: artificial and natural. Coming from windows, skylights and other openings that allow the sun to shine inside, natural light should be taken advantage of and should never be completely covered up.

If you have a limited amount of natural light in a small space, using cool colors on the walls and light colors on the floors will reflect and enhance the light. Mirrors can also create the illusion that the light is in more places than one. For rooms with little or no natural light available, artificial light, coming from ceiling lights, wall sconces and lamps, can really brighten up a small space. It’s important to employ artificial light that is bright and cheery without being too oppressive. Most home and garden stores carry special bulbs that diffuse strong amounts of light and can be bought for fairly cheap.

In order to create a large visual space you need to eliminate the clutter and junk that tends to pile up easily in a bathroom. Though you may think it adds to the overall decorating scheme of the room, getting rid of knickknacks and unnecessary furnishings will make the bathroom look much larger than it is. Get rid of wall shelves that only obstruct energy and try painting a mural or adding a piece of natural art to the wall. Large, bright paintings of the outdoors will provide the illusion of wide-open spaces and offer the feeling of natural light.

If possible, replace old sinks with large cupboards underneath for a single-standing pedestal basin. Though you’re losing the storage, the sink will appear much smaller and will actually create more physical space in the room. Light colored shower curtains or see through glass doors allow visual access to the entire space and make the room, as a whole, look much larger. One more trick to try involves making the ceilings appear higher and more expansive using lattice work or molding in the same color as the ceiling. Employing just a few of these ideas will not only make your bathroom look much larger, but will bring peace of mind and keep some extra money in your wallet.


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