40 Elegant Christmas Candles Decoration Ideas

Christmas is celebrated every year on December 25. On this day, people decorate their house and host parties. There are enormous ways of decorating home with candles, Christmas trees, etc. Christmas candles have always been integral to the season. They are not just a part of Christmas decoration, but also have great symbolic significance.

Christmas candles are usually decorated in various traditional ways. Many things like small Santa and flowers are found in the market. Extravagant decoration of the Christmas candles may include the accessories pool, like golden, red, green ribbons, lacework, and bead works. Tiny twinkling stuff, such as balls, stars, moons, and even fabricated gift boxes can be adhered to the candles.

What you need:
• Pillar candles – 5
• Crafting pins
• Pencil
• Stencil
• Evergreen leaves
• Thermo coal balls
• Transparent glass/plastic tray
• Cotton ball
• Sparkle – golden & silver
• Candle paint – green
• Foil paper
• Glue
• Marbles
• Fabricated gifts
• Candies
• Pearls – white, red, and golden
• White string

Steps for making Christmas Candles:
• Making Christmas tree: With the help of a pencil and a stencil, draw a Christmas tree on a candle. Make a small star at the top of the tree. Ensure that you do not dig in the pencil too deep.
• Sparkle: Apply silver sparkle on the tree, including the star.
• Craft pins: At the top and bottom of the candle, in the circular part, put craft pins, spacing each of them by 1 inch. Make sure each pin is inserted entirely into the candle. Repeat this procedure with other four candles as well.
• Coloring: Color the candle with the help of a cotton ball. Use candle color all over, except the tip. Let it dry for an hour.
• Writing: With golden sparkle, in cursive slant format, write ‘Merry Christmas’ on the painted candle.
• Decorating:
i. Take a red ribbon and make a bow. Fix it at the top of the candle.
ii. You may insert more craft pins like moons and stars.
• Decorating the tray:
i. Cleanly apply foil on the tray. Now, glue evergreen leaves on it.
ii. You may keep small marbles, fabricated gifts, & candies on the tree.
iii. You may scatter some colored thermocol balls on the tray.
iv. Make a string of pearls and keep it on the tray.
• Placing the candles: Keep the key decorated candle at the centre of the tray. Surround it with the rest of the four candles.

Tips & warnings:
• Always stay around the lit candles to avert any chances of catching fire.
• Keep candles away from direct light, as their color may fade.
• Keep the candles out of children’s reach.
• Place lit candles away from inflammable objects.
• Keep trimming the wicks.


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