40 Comfy Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

Surrey is a great place for Christmas shopping; there are plenty of shopping choices ranging from department stores, to great unique gift shops waiting to be the source of fabulous Christmas gifts this year. I’ve chosen to share some Christmas gifts for the kitchen, which will leave everyone in the family happy reaping the benefits.

The first of the kitchen gadget is the KitchenAid Artesian mixer; great for baking. It’s an essential part of anyone’s gadget base and comes in range of colours suitable for all kitchens themes and preferences. Whether it’s for the household baker, its ample speedy power for whisking eggs and concocting batter mixtures is superb. It can also cope with the toughest of tasks such as kneading dough and making mayonnaise.

Following on a food mixer, every household must ensure it has an effective food processor to keep up with demands of new and inventive recipes. Choose one that is easy to clean, simple to use and not too noisy whirring round. Food mixers usually have a range of attachments such as different sized bowls designed for chopping different sized pieces and portions. Whether it is a warming comfort winter soup or a bright fruity summertime smoothie, it will cater for all needs and uses throughout the year.

A gadget for all ages, calories and sweet tooth lovers is an ice cream maker. The Cuisinart Ice Cream Duo allows you to make two flavours at once and only takes around 15 minutes to churn. It’s a sturdy durable kitchen addition that can also make frozen yogurt, sorbet and other frozen desserts in addition to ice cream. This is a gadget that can be used throughout the year along with the change of seasons and dinner party themes. It’s a touch of indulgence every household can enjoy.

For the caffeine addicts, a coffee machine, preferably Nespresso would be well received. Magimix have a developed a coffee machine that accepts Nespresso capsules and has the added bonus of a milk frother; or an Aeroccino milk frother, as it’s known. A popular choice because it’s easy to use and it’s slim design ensures that you can find a suitable spot on your kitchen countertops.

A thoughtful and useful gift for the bakers, recipe followers and those who need to be organised in the kitchen, a recipe holder is the answer. They come in creative and inventive forms such as little books, a little box, as a stand or a sticky attachment that can be pinned to your wall so you won’t lose the page you were on. Not quite the gadget most will have in mind, but worthy none the less.


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