47 Cool Dreamy Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas

With so much talk about the economy these days, if people are not careful it can put a damper on their holiday spirits, as well as their creativity. So, let’s look at some simple ideas that should perk things up around your house come Christmas morning and have guests remarking, “What a fabulous idea!” as they look around your home. As an artist, I continually look for new ways for people to exhibit their own flair. All of the projects can be created with simple Victorian Christmas gift tags. I get into the holiday spirit by offering them to the public to download for free from my website. They look best when printed on glossy photo paper run in wallet size.

To begin, let’s consider your dining room table. If you are using printable gift tags, simply print them out on wide strips of paper. Cut each one separately and use double-sided tape to fasten it to create a holiday napkin ring. The effect is bright and cheery and gives your home-decorating a custom look. As an alternative, you might consider using candy canes to decorate your table. Around each one, simply use a gift tag and tie a bright red ribbon around it. These make adorable favors for your guests to take home. Remember, candy canes are not just for kids-adults love them too. You can also write a personal note on the back that says, “Thank you for sharing the holiday with us.”

Next, you will want to create ambiance in your living room to make it warm, cozy, and inviting. Using gift tags with a different design, simply attach them to the top of each stocking so that they look pretty on Christmas morning. Guests will see them dangling to produce “eye candy” that is part of your gift tag theme. Before your company arrives, just make sure that they are hanging properly. I would suggest tying them on with ribbon on Christmas Eve so that they are crisp in the morning. If you want to add some extra Christmas magic, you can glue the tags to small white paper doilies. This will give them some extra “pop” and get them noticed. Besides that, they can be absolutely dreamy for creating a Victorian look. They can be purchased at a local craft store that has a baking section.

If you have a pair of scissors that create scalloped edges, cutting the tags with those will produce a more professional look. Another method which I often employ is to tear the edges. When doing this, be sure to hold one side down and tear upwards so that you can achieve the desired results. If you have not done this before, try it on a practice sheet first.

Finally, let’s consider your guest bathroom. Just take a gift tag, use double-sided tape and adhere it to the front of your soap bottle on the sink for guests to wash their hands. Make sure that you have not put a hole in it with a hole-punch as you are only using it as a label. In addition, around the lid of the pump bottle, tie a red satin ribbon to make it festive.

It seems that as much as we enjoy Christmas, it is always fun to explore to new ways to embellish our surroundings and make them more attractive to our family and friends. Even though these decorations are all made with gift tags, using different designs in a variety of ways keeps them from looking the same. When you use some for napkins rings and others with doilies for stocking decorations, it will offer an entirely separate appearance in various locations throughout your home. With a little extra effort, you can create an environment that reveals your own creative talents. Simple ideas can often produce wonderful results and add that special touch that only you can provide.


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