49 Simple Diy Christmas Outdoor Ideas

In the first part of my Outdoor Xmas Decorations tips, I’ve introduced the fine idea of a Welcome Home signboard. While that is a nice little addition, I bet you’ll find your yard still kind of empty and lacking in something. Fret not, as this article was written to give you even more ideas on outdoor Xmas decorations.

We are now going to do a little something to the yard area, and what more appropriate decorations are there than a snowman? If you are thinking that it’s too early to snow or you live in a tropical country, don’t worry as we are actually going to make a handicraft snowman instead.

The best material for making snowmen is particle board. Although flat in thickness, joining them together in a cross like fashion can give a close 3D feel and that is good enough. Particle board is chosen mainly because it is cheap and extremely easy to work with. Particle board is also pretty resistant and can stand up to punishment from the weather so shop for at least two big ones in your local DIY store.

The first thing you need to do is to mark out your cutting lines. Use big round objects or a big compass to help you trace three overlapping circles of different sizes on the first board, with the biggest circle forming the base. Once done, take your second board and mark only one circle.

Be sure to leave the base of the both boards flat so it can stand. Use your saw or knife to cut along marked lines for both boards. You should now have two boards, one with a full body of three circles (your main board) and a second one with only one big circle at its base (the support board).


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