47 Stylish Valentine Tree Decoration Ideas

A strand of peals… a ruby ring… a stunning watch… All these have to do with Valentine’s Day happiness and gifts of love for your special Valentine. But there is even for more your Valentine than this. Read on and find out what.

Presenting a gift to the one you love has been a popular custom for centuries. But it really took an interesting twist in 18th Century Turkey. At that time, lovers would send each other “love baskets.” These baskets were hand delivered, often by a woman in the village. The baskets contained feathers, charcoal, flowers, wax, and other items. Each item signified a special message of passion that the lovers understood.

Meanwhile, in Europe, couples were sending each other flowers. Similar to the items in the “love baskets,” each type of flower carried a message of love and passion. For instance, a red rose meant, “I love you with all my heart.” An orchid signified, “Our love is pure.” And, a camellia conveyed, “I am so proud of my love for you.” Many of the messages are lost to us today even though red roses still mean, “I love you.”

Lovers relied on flowers to carry their romantic feelings until about the 1750s when hand-made cards came into fashion. These cards were heavy with decorations of lace, paintings of flowers, and gold. A century later, cards were made by machine and contained shells and other decorations. Along with the cards, lovers exchanged gifts – much as we do today.

And now, draw up a chair and relax while we look at some 21st Century Valentine’s Day gifts of love.

1) Matching Wristwatches – A pair of fine gold wristwatches for him and her would be a tribute to your love for your Valentine. To personalize this gift, have your Valentine’s initials and your engraved on the backs. Fine watches come in every price range – from the very expensive such as Rolex and Chanel to Movado, Chopard, and de Grisogno.

2) Dream Vacation – A dream vacation for two might just be the most welcome gift of all. Travel to Bermuda, Cancun, or Venice and stay for a week in an elegant hotel with a great restaurant. For a more adventurous trip, consider a Caribbean cruise or a cruise to Alaska in summer.

3) Museum Art – Here is a gift that always pleases. Almost every large museum has a proper gift shop where you can buy a reproduction of great art on display inside the museum. Some of this art is sculpture such as intertwining hearts, cupids, and classical statues. Each piece will remind your Valentine of your undying love.

4) Treasured Name Scroll – Your beloved’s name is a precious sight. Why not have a beautiful scroll made of his or her first name against the background of a painting or majestic crest. Included in handsome printing is the name and its meaning, facts about the name, and famous people who bear the name. A golden crown, seals, and colorful borders complete the scroll. It is ready for framing and comes with a free gift you will also treasure.

5) Your Valentine’s Family Tree – Now, here is a rare and fascinating gift. Most people want to learn their genealogy. So what better gift for the one you love than a family tree. Hire a genealogy researcher on an hourly basis to comb through public records. Who knows, he or she may uncover some famous ancestors as well as a handsome family crest.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day and remember that Valentine’s Day happiness and gifts of love for your special Valentine will thrill your beloved. It does not matter so much what the gift is as long as it comes from your heart.


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